Localized Cooling System


Manufactured, designed and produced in the Nordic

No Liquid nitrogen

Introducing liquid nitrogen-free cryotherapy treatments


Always online over the built-in wifi. X°Cryo updates automatically over the internet


The effect of the X°Cryo is -60° celsius on the skin


Starting from
kr 3395
  • Includes all applicators and training

What is CTN X°Cryo?


One treatment with The X°Cryo takes just 3 simple minutes


The X°Cryo requires no liquid nitrogen to use



Without the need for liquid nitrogen the X°Cryo is easy and cheap to run.

Just plug it in and you are ready to go!

How does it work?

Produces continuous high volume and velocity air flow with excellent heat extraction capability. 


Cooling system is based on advanced electric compressor and heat exchange technology providing maintenance free continuous operation.
 Wind speed can be adjusted.


High velocity of air flow enables cryo-cooling of the treatment areas at higher air temperature than previously making the treatments 100% safe.
 Area specific and user friendly treatment applicators optimise results, efficiency and safety.


A typical treatment session per area lasts from 3 to 5 minutes. 8 inch touch screen with easy to operate user interface.
 Systems available for both 220V and 110V.

Local Treatment

Knee Treatment

Elbow Treatment

Shoulder Area Treatment

X°Cryo benefits

Sports: accelerates muscle recovery, reduces lactic acid and improves muscle mobility and overall elasticity. Helps with all sports injuries, back, neck and shoulder pains, sprains, strains and other soft tissue pains. 

X°Cryo benefits

Health: accelerates recovery from injuries and medical operations. Relief for chronic pains and arthritis. 

X°Cryo benefits

Beauty: reverses signs of ageing, promotes skin tone, reduces cellulite, increases collagen production and provides efficient treatment of variety of skin disorders. Cryo facials are also ideal for reducing puffiness, sagging skin and acne.

Wellness: reduces swelling, liquid retention, joint pain, inflammations, and improves blood circulation.

Technical Specifications

8 inch HD touch screen

Small treatment tube Φ12mm (diameter)

Large treatment tube Φ20mm

Selection of treatment applicators

Air velocity levels 1-3

Working time 0-60 minutes

Outflow temperature -20°C with actual heat extraction capacity of -60°C

Compressor power 500W

Heat dissipation power 2000W

Refrigeration output 1800W

Maximum air flow 75m3/hour

Power consumption 1 KVA

Weight 65kg

Dimension 73cm*44cm*75cm

Power supply 220V AC 50Hz.  110V AC 60Hz (Available as custom order) 


Starting from
kr 3395
  • Includes all applicators and training

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